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The Designer Forum has been set up within EMTEX to provide a variety of business & design support.

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Emtex's sister company providing discounted IT services, website solutions & eBay support

for EMTEX members

The Energy Advisors Ltd are an independent advisory company, that offers EMTEX members FREE business environmental improvements and better energy management.

Exclusive to MEMBERS of The East Midlands Textiles Association, at NO COST to your company you will receive a free energy cost and use analysis.
The Energy Advisors Ltd have a proven track record of providing real savings on industrial energy costs. The company is totally independent from any energy supplier and only deals with PRIMARY ENERGY SUPPLIERS – NEVER with secondary suppliers.
Each contract is individually negotiated directly with a PRIMARY SUPPLIER to match the user’s specific requirements.

There is NO fee payable and NO % levy on savings made.


(Inc advice on NEW SITE energy needs – there are cases of companies paying for ‘fresh air’!)

(Most companies tend to be on the wrong profile, e.g. when down sizing or taking on a virgin site.)

(Once a contract is instigated, The Energy Advisors will receive and check copy invoices and report to the user. Any discrepancies will immediately be dealt with.)

TROUBLE SHOOTING on any invoice (This is a chargeable service but only when they get a result!) The Energy Advisors will investigate consumption errors on contracts not instigated by them, on a prior quote accepted by an Emtex member.

We recommend that you should NEVER sign up to a ‘door knocker’ sales person. First send a copy of any terms & conditions to be checked & have a report back. An example from an energy supplier (that recently changed its name):
“The supplier may vary the terms and conditions AT ANY TIME by notifying the customer in writing with not less than 30 (thirty) days written notice of the new terms before taking effect”

To take advantage of this offer gather the following pieces of information.

Copy of invoices for winter quarter
(if the supply number top line starts with 00 – complete invoice showing half hour data)
Copy of suppliers contract
(most sub 100 KVa contracts are for a min of 3 yrs – post 100 KVa: 1 to 3 yrs)

Copy of invoices for winter quarter
Copy of suppliers contract
(most secondary suppliers have certain windows for termination notice and duration can be up to 5 years)

Remember: This is all at no cost to you (no fee, no levy)

This service is offered as part of the wide range of products, services and support projects available to Emtex members. Membership of EMTEX, the region’s leading support organisation for the clothing and textiles sector, starts at only £128 per year for small businesses

Contact Emtex for further information

Tel 01623 440612. Fax 01623 442102.

Email enquiries@emtex.org.uk Web site www.emtex.org.uk


How to Contact Us
Tel 01623 440612
Email enquiries@emtex.org.uk
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