Designer Forum run a series of Business Workshops, held at the Designer Forum, 4pm – 6pm on Wednesdays.

The workshops offer a full programme of specialist guidance covering areas such as sales & marketing, negotiating skills, time management and legal issues for new business start ups. Offering professional help and advice from experts in the fields of marketing, sales, design, legal and business issues these workshops are an ideal support programme for new businesses to gain some direction.

new programme of business workshop - sept – dec 04

08.09.04 Understanding Your Customer Workshop
An innovative workshop to explore changes within the market, & how & why stores profile their customers- and how you can use ‘customer profiling’ to your benefit.

15.09.04 Range Planning
An essential workshop for anyone designing their own designer or branded collections and want to maximise sales and impact of their range. We take you through the vital stages of planning and help you create a balanced range. We also look at how retailers and buyers operate in terms of seasonal buying patterns.

22.09.04 Sales & Marketing for Designer / Brand Labels (Part 1)
This workshop is aimed specifically at designers & brand labels who want to sell their own ranges and covers how to approach retailers, from key independents to larger department stores, including how to make your initial contact with the buyer and get your foot in the door.

29.09.04 Sales & Marketing for Designer / Brand Labels (Part 2)
Second part of this essential guide to approaching and selling your own designer / branded range into retailers covering how to handle the first meeting, including how to prepare for that all-important initial buyer meeting, what to expect, & how to understand your audience.

06.10.04 Production Planning
This workshop is aimed at designers & brand labels. We include how to choose the right product route for your business, CMT, small factory, or in house production. We also take a look at how to control the production process and manage quality control.

13.10.04 Negotiating Skills Workshop (Part 1)
This two part interactive workshop delivered by Business Link will cover all you need to know when negotiating that business deal.

20.10.04 Negotiating Skills Workshop (Part 2)
This second part of negotiating skills workshop delivered by Business Link, you will need to attend both sessions to really make a difference.

27.10.04 Time Management Workshop
The key to every successful business is good time management- as an individual designer or part of a team you really need to get to grips with the art of time management from delegating, scheduling & planning through to managing disruptions.

03.11.04 Sales & Marketing for Contract Manufacturers
& High Street Suppliers

A one-off workshop on how to approach High Street retailers, specifically aimed at manufacturers who are looking for that all important first step through the door, to those looking to increase business by understanding a buyer’s requirements. This new workshop will cover how to make initial contact, handle & present successfully at subsequent meetings, & truly understanding the target audience.

10.11.04 Company Status – Sole Trader vs. Partnerships vs. Ltd
Insight into the legal aspects & implications of your company status. Just how do you protect yourself as a sole trader, what are the ‘pros & cons’ of going into partnership with someone & how do I set up an Ltd company?
Contracts & Contractual Obligations
Why do you need to have a contract? How do you go about setting one up? And what are the legal implications if it is broken? Another essential workshop for freelancers & consultants, as well as, suppliers of their own design labels – find out more about this often overlooked area, in a re-run of our successful legal skills workshop.

17.11.04 Sales & Marketing for Freelancing
Specifically aimed at Freelancers! This single ‘hands on’ session has been put together to help freelancers & consultancies sell their design / technical services, find out what you should be charging, how to generate new business, and how to market yourself successfully.

18.11.04 Future Laboratory
Open to all - Future Laboratory offers creatives in the fashion, design, interiors, marketing and branding sectors a chance to plug into the latest themes and trends set to impact on future shopping habits.

A unique opportunity to network with the people & themes currently making the future happen.

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24.11.04 Design Protection / Copyright Workshop
Design is the key to your business & long-term viability – so why is it that few designers understand how to protect their designs against being ripped off? As well as taking you through the different types of design rights from patents to copyright – we will also give you some handy tips on how to protect yourself & some of the legal implications of being a designer.

Debt Recovery
What to do if things go wrong, and a company doesn’t pay up for the services or goods they have purchased. This workshop is an initial guide to debt recovery, including how and when you should issue court proceedings, what the cost implications are, and how to make sure that your records and contracts are in order to make debt recovery easier.

Please note - All workshops run between 4 - 6pm at the Designer Forum Studio - there is no need to book a place - you can just turn up on the day! If you require further details please contact the Designer Form.

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The Business Workshops form part of the Future Industry Project, which is part-financed by the European Union and supported by the East Midlands Development Agency.

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