Design Network Project

The Design Network project is a new initiative developed through the Designer Forum, as part of EMTEX Ltd, aimed at supporting small to medium sized businesses and individual designers within the East Midlands Objective 2 area to access and adopt new design and technology working practices.

Assistance is provided directly to companies and designers until 31st December 2006 through the following:

Trend & Market Information - Provision of trend, technology and market information housed in the East Midlands Design Resource Centre to assist with product innovation throughout all sectors of the industry and the targeting of new markets.

Specific resources available will include Trend Prediction Books (Including Carlin, Peclers, Promostyl, Nelly Rodi, Periodicals / Specialist Magazines, Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), Regional & Global Market Information.

Information will be made available online / by e-mail wherever possible.

Trend & Innovation Seminars - A series of seminars and demonstrations highlighting trend, technology and market information in areas such as new technology developments, smart fabrics / garments and design innovation.
Current seminars include: Trend presentations by leading international trend / prediction agencies - Carlin International, Promostyl, and Future Laboratory.
CAD Initiative - This project will develop a major awareness campaign of Computer Aided Design, highlighting the latest developments & working practices, a database of technology providers, and a CAD / new technology demonstrator.

This initiative will also link in with existing provision available within colleges & universities to create a cost-effective partnership.

Design Portal - www.design-online.net - The creation of an online design community, which promote and develop the region's design expertise providing greater accessibility to design and innovation.

Features of the portal site will include: information on new technology, design news, jobs, careers, freelance opportunities, design protection & copyright and its own online magazine promoting the best in product & design innovation to a global marketplace.

For further information on this project please contact the Designer Forum:

Designer Forum Studio
69 - 73 Lower Parliament Street

Tel: 0115 9115339 Fax: 0115 9115345 E-mail: enquiries@design-online.net

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