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Welcome to EMTEX.

EMTEX was created some 20 years ago in 1993 to assist the regions clothing & textiles businesses to face the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

Historically the East Midlands was a traditional manufacturing region, with many key manufacturers employing tens of thousands in large garment manufacturing plants, these operations were gradually phased out as they went offshore.

Emtex was the key player helping to transform/develop that threatened business culture to a wider and more diverse sector/industry which now has everything from small CMT units to Avanced Technical Textile companies in the many SME's which continue in business today.

The East Midlands still has the highest concentration of clothing & textile companies in the UK, our connections and operations are by no means exclusive to the area, we get requests from all over the UK and abroad, which we process for the benefit of our members .

Emtex transferred its unique Designer Forum operation to the Confetti Media Group in January 2013, the Designer Forum will now be serving all sectors, not just Fashion and Textiles
Emtex will concentrate on supporting the Clothing and Textile sector as an industry Trade Association, here to help individuals through to established businesses, EMTEX is the leading business support association for the clothing and textiles sector.

The main focus of Emtex is to deliver Key Business Support to its members, through a wide range of services including Employment, Legal Advice, Business Mentoring, Health and Safety, Trade and Exporting support, access to Grants and Venture Capital. We are also currently delivering several projects in the region and in Europe. These are just some of the core services which has seen this trade association lead the way in helping small business’s since 1994.

EMTEX helps generate business for the region and assists companies to sustain develop and improve their performance . Through the following activities :-
Buiness Support

For more information regarding services and membership benefits and details of subscription rates click on the links.
Please feel free to contact Emtex at anytime for more information, we are here to help.

enquiries@emtex.org.uk 0115 9473613


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Tel 0115 9473613
Email enquiries@emtex.org.uk
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